_____________________a project by Francesca Banchelli and Emiliano Zelada

after several works presented together in institutions such as Tate Modern, London, UK (2014); the 13th Istanbul Biennial - official parallel event, TR (2013); the Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, DE (2012); among others… Banchelli and Zelada, join forces once again in this live/performance project, creating an imaginary movie through the use of sound, voice, painted slides, and other visual materials. Oscillating between hypnotic rhythms of the voice, musical textures and a/synchronized relations, TWIN DRIVE transforms the mental state of the action into a dialogue of signs, via the encounter of different contexts, conveying into a perceptive narration.

6 March, 2015 at MUTEK Barcelona
commissioned by Live SoundTracks - Movistar

some pics from the live - more coming soon


although the primary focus for mutek is the music, the fact that almost every act is accompanied by unparalleled visuals is a really crucial element to the festival’s success. although we saw our fair share of standard bright green linear laser light shows that looked like an electrocardiogram, we also saw some very innovative performances. case in point: twin drive, who played at the convent st agusti on friday, their take on visuals was just the right kind of weird. using nothing more than a slide projector, francesca banchelli presented plain washes of colour and old photographs manipulated by focusing/unfocusing the image, switching slides, and tangible efforts like her hair or hands in the shot. it was incredibly imaginative and lent a nostalgic lens to their performance.

emma robertson - little city

Imaginary Movies fue la propuesta de TWIN DRIVE, un dúo conformado por Francesca Banchelli y Emiliano Zelada, quienes presentaron su universo musical con sonidos electrónicos, imágenes en diapositivas y la voz de Francesca transportando al público mediante su sonido experimental a la realización de su propia película.

Zurda Magazine

La noche prosiguió en el convento con la dupla artística Francesca Banchelli & Emiliano Zelada o lo que es lo mismo Twin Drive. El público arropó sin miramientos el estreno de la performance “Offset (Dialogues)“, un ejercicio audiovisual cuya principal intención era dotar de elementos estéticos al respetable para que éste interactuase emocionalmente y proyectase en su mente su propia película imaginaria. A través de sonidos electrónicos, imágenes en diapositivas muy bien trabajadas y la alteradísima voz de Francesca como si ésta perteneciese a otra dimensión, se nos transportó a un incipiente universo experimental que tendrá continuidad los próximos días 24 y 25 de Abril, en el Convent Dels Àngels (MACBA).

Armando Marín - 31 canciones, Revista Digital de Música Independiente